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The old Thai aphorism saying that “NAI NAM ME PLA NAI NA MEE KAO”  meaning in the water we have fish, in the field we have rice, in which what it’s telling you is that, Thailand are agriculture bases society.  And a very rich one (Land). Throughout our history, Thailand earned our incomes from selling, exporting agriculture products No.1 in the world for rice, sugar, rubber, etc.

In 1988s, Thai started to develop industries, branching out into auto, computer, machinery, electronics etc. Our income sharing from agriculture products become much smaller. But we still have population who calls themselves “Farmer” in 25 million. Whatever their profession now, they still maintain smaller farm somewhere, in their land, just like the food they eat, regardless of what they eat, they said “GIN KAO” eating rice. These will give you an idea that agriculture still play a big roll in farming despite Thailand enter into industrial zone.

Having said all those thing, Thailand still have  sizable farm land, we still grow rice (biggest rice exporter in the world, sometime Vietnam took over), we grow sugarcane, corn, tapioca all sort of herbs, spices and vegetables to supply to Thai Restaurant, worldwide countries like Japan and Korea are still realized to Thailand for supply of young ginger roots for Shushi and other. Thailand sent Thai to work in farming industries in Israel, all workers in farm industries in Israel are Thai the numbers are 26,500.They can stay 5 years only. We have done so the past 25 years. Hundred of thousand returned to Thailand with good experience in Hi-Tech farming. So you can see, we have very large pool of experienced personnel, ready to enter into agriculture workforce anywhere in the world.

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