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Thailand’s impressive economics development over the past decade has created a massive industrial sector. Currently producing a wide range of products; including automobile, heavy machinery, petrochemicals, textiles, electronic goods, furniture, food stuff all types of general consumer items. As a consequence of this, Thailand had produced  a  highly  skilled and reputable workforce who have proven experience using state of the art technologies and methods. Additionally, Thailand has one of the region’s best educational systems which continues to produce a highly motivated cadre of professional engineers. Manages and technicians.

With population of over 70 million people and potential adult workforce of 27 million, there never the less exists a large labor surplus in Thailand which has resulted in competitively low stable wages and salaries. Coupled with has resulted in competitively low and stable wages and salaries, coupled with an immediate availability of such manpower in almost every discipline. To this, add the widely recognized attributes of Thailand itself; a stable government, friendly people, an international orientation and superior tourist attraction; and it is not wonder that more and more companies are turning to Thailand for their manpower need.

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