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Borvorn founded the company in the 1980s to serve the demand for construction,  oil and gas, and chemical refinery industries in The Middle East.  He was the first few pioneers to introduce Thai worker to Saudi Arabia.  In those days, 275,000 Thai was employed in Saudi Arabia.


In 1982, Borvorn introduces Thai agriculture workforce to Moshavemovement in Israel.  Since then, all of the agriculture workers in Israel are Thai.  At the moment more than 20,000 Thai workers are behind the success of Israel agriculture export to the world.


The philosophies that guide Borvorn to successful recruiting business are the passion and sensitivity that he has toward the job seeker who tries to better economies difficulties to have a better chance of building the family’s future and to live in this world with dignity.



Garn has his personal story and interest deeply rooted in helping people thru placing them with good employers.  His job is to coordinate what is needed from the employer and seek out for the applicant that is the best fit for the job.


Having lived in New Zealand, and Australia, and now Thailand, he was lucky from an early age to be exposed to different cultures and to know how one can be fulfilled one another to achieve success.


In his work with Techno-Thai International Manpower, he found a connection between helping people by placing them in a good company and making new friends in the process.


With every position comes a set of unique skill.  And for this reason we need specialist to assist us select the best candidate.  Further more, they also fulfill what is needed for our candidate to best perform for their employer. 


Ir. Wisoot SRIRUENG, P.E. (AseanEng/AWI/IWE),MSc.Env


43 years experience in an engineering works, started as a Teacher(TA/Lecturer/ Instructor), then field engineer as a mechanical & welding engineer for steel structure, oil storage tanks fabrication & erection. Pressure vessel and boiler installation are included. Process piping, Utilities piping & Pipeline Project,M & E installation works. Design Engineer, Production Engineer including QA/QC Engineer in an industrials business. Work handling capabilities both in marketing, manufacturing & Project Construction Management for government infrastructure projects and private’s sector projects, especially in Petrochemical /Refinery Plant /Power Plant (Hydropower, Thermal Plant &CO-GEN), Marine Construction (Off-shore/On-Shore), capability included Under Water Services (Cutting, Wet Welding, Route line Survey and UW-Welding Inspection). Also coordinating with all parties concerned in order to keep the project schedule as required by the contract. 

Nattaya Swasdipan

Nattaya Swasdipan


Growing up Nattaya has her father as a role model in hospitality, while her professor, Nantachai Mejudhon in teaching. They both inspired and trained her to see the value of each person gift and encourage them to walk through who they are and believe that they can do great things. With a passion for people and talent, Nattaya gives a sense meaning in her work by working closely with clients and front-line staff and make sure to bring a positive outcome. She seeks to bring new insight and add value to every task she receives.


Her teaching style is open-minded, energetic and result-oriented. She brings joy to every class. She believes in providing people knowledge and practice so that they can achieve success in their career path. Most importantly, she is well aware the great responsibility comes with profession. Her vision is to train and teach people to become the greatest version in themselves and bring the best result into their work.


Pawinee Pochsalee



Siriluk Kansandee

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Namchorke Sachimo

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Chattawan Pikulthong

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